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Fighting a Corona Phantom

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The more one slashes at the phantom with one’s trusty sword, the more tired one gets, because a phantom is a phantom – and a sword does no more harm to it than shooting bullets at a hurricane does to annihilate the eye of a storm. Nevertheless, a large percentage of mankind – under instruction – is doing just that, and after a while it gets tiring.


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Be Brave

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Not sure how to make fakeotube.com ipfs compatible, but will accept all advice to do so.

Decentralizing is key to all forms of human activity.

Yes, I use Brave.

Brave has just taken a step toward supporting a decentralized web by becoming the first browser to offer native integration with a peer-to-peer networking protocol that aims to fundamentally change how the internet works. The technology is called IPFS (which stands for InterPlanetary File System), a relatively obscure transport protocol that promises to improve on the dominant HTTP standard by making content faster to access and more resilient to failure and control.


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Great candy too good to pass up

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I read vox daily thanks to Uncle Odd.

I’m no semiotician specializing in occultic esotericism, but the Turner Classic Movies schedule for January 20th does tend to cause one to raise an eyebrow. Notice a certain pattern?

They speak in symbols voxday.blogspot.com/2021/01/th…

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