Masks are useless at best and harmful at worst

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Breathing mouth bacteria into your lungs is not natural and harmful.

Source: Dr. Denis Rancourt Examines COVID-19 Riddles · Fakeotube – by …

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1 thought on “Masks are useless at best and harmful at worst

  1. barbm124

    you know, divers are not allowed to dive twice a day because then the concentration of the poisonous gases in blood would be to high. Also divers are not allowed to fly after they dived, because then the gases in blood expand due the lower pressure and cause harm.
    In Germany’s Bavaria they just ordered people to wear the so called FFP2 masks, which were previously used by painters or workers in dust conditions. There are regulations concerning the time of wearing them but they only apply to job regulation and securities. Bavarians did not protest to much so far and their main politician Markus Söder makes lots of money from this mask business using his wives company. He aspires the job of chancellor and probably will replace Angela Merkel. If nobody stops him.


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