1 thought on “Some pigs are more equal than others part 47

  1. barbm124

    they are out of smart guys there. He is just to stupid to express himself properly. What he meant was that the government itself does not have to follow it’s own orders (or laws). It usually does so to give a good example but it does not have to. It is expressed in the therm of political immunity. Logically it even makes sense. Imagine the captain giving orders on a sinking sheep. He cannot be told to follow his own orders. The expectation is that the orders are meant well, resonable and in general good for subordinates. This political immunity can be taken away and usually expires after the politician is no longer part of the government.
    On the other side, as the German politician Horst Seehofer told a journalist a few years ago: The pharma lobby is so strong, the government can’t do anything against them. The journalist then wondered: Do you mean, the government cannot control the pharma? Seehofer answered: I cannot disagree with you on that one (he tried not to tell to much truth). He also said: The ones who are elected don’t decide anything and the ones who decide are not elected.


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