Cut the absurdity

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It’s been 10 months, but slowly people will see through the coronavirushoax and tell the baby tyrants to shove it.

This brings a whole new meaning to the word “cut!”

Lights, camera, action, too.…

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1 thought on “Cut the absurdity

  1. barbm124

    the German Lawyer Reiner Füllmich found a similar loophole. If you just ground a party within your business it is protected by law and not even Corona measures can disturb grounding a party. So they met in a pub in Berlin prepared for the police to come. the police didn’t listen to the explanations and told the people to go home. they repeated this on the next day with the same result.
    German police just don’t care about Der Grundgesetz (constitution). But this was known and expected. It was an intended provocation to create facts for future lawsuits. So far nothing changes. Schools are closed until March, which is very fine with me. I enjoy the homework a lot. The family is together and actually having fun.


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