POP101: A primer on the future of planet Earth – Overpopulation is a myth

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Great website.

Perhaps the eugenicists should review it before they prick the population into a precipitous decline.


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2 thoughts on “POP101: A primer on the future of planet Earth – Overpopulation is a myth

  1. barbm124

    that’s nothing new, is it? Overpopulation has a different meaning. It means, there is no need for all this people anymore. We have the technology now, we can produce anything we need without so much people. It doesn’t mean, there are more people that the planet can feed.
    The “universal basic income” will come, maybe sooner than we think. I believe this Corona comedy is a part of conditioning the population for this kind of live. Just stay at home, take your time, watch movies or take a walk, but don’t expect much more of your life. And as crazy as it sounds, for the majority it will be an improvement. Problematic are all this middle class people who have ambitions and want their kids to be educated and having good jobs and such. The same thing happened after the war with the so called bourgeoisie. This people lost all their influence, still had enough money to pay for a better education of their children and it took decades to put them in the background. This corona situation will be (mostly) over this year, one way or the other. I just hope all this free riders still making money selling masks and PCR tests and such will be taken care of. Some scapegoats will have to pay for sure.

  2. xileffilex

    The eugenicists will have an increasing disdain for the Global Useless Class, displaced by AI. At the moment they’re just being nice to us. When they get sick of keeping us as pets, then they will “take us to the vets” to be put down…
    No comment from Klaus. He avoids the term.

    This is an interesting piece from Nov 9 2018

    [Yuval Noah Harari] worries that Silicon Valley is undermining democracy and ushering in a dystopian hellscape in which voting is obsolete…… He worries that because the technological revolution’s work requires so few laborers, Silicon Valley is creating a tiny ruling class and a teeming, furious “useless class.”

    The useless class he describes is uniquely vulnerable. “If a century ago you mounted a revolution against exploitation, you knew that when bad comes to worse, they can’t shoot all of us because they need us,” he said, citing army service and factory work.
    Now it is becoming less clear why the ruling elite would not just kill the new useless class. “You’re totally expendable,” he told the audience [in SF]

    This, Mr. Harari told me ** later, is why Silicon Valley is so excited about the concept of universal basic income, or stipends paid to people regardless of whether they work. The message is: “We don’t need you. But we are nice, so we’ll take care of you.”

    ** Nellie Bowles reporter

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