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  1. ricky

    More trouble is – “the runaway express train of criminally corrupt science” has picked up passengers in the judiciary branches of all governments. The idea of gaining redress through “the legal system” keeps getting floated on this site as a viable concept, does anyone really think that’s possible? “I don’t see anyone quoting that letter! Interesting that it was published.” That’s the type of thing that also puzzles me, is it just to mock those who have this psy-op figured out?

    1. xileffilex

      Indeed, there appeared to be no outrage or follow-up. However, one good thing emerged searching for anyone who quoted Helen Steen, a real person, English, now in Germany – a [rather messy] blog which cited her letter to the BMJ written by someone who is clearly on top of the medical and scientific hoax which brought us the computer generated Covid-19
      I’ll bookmark it here. The writer really has done the reading of the primary scientific sources, the kind of study you only get at Piece of Mindful.

      The relevant post was
      but there are many more, right on the button. The writer even dug up this chirpy paper from Jan 2021 [He’s not wrong!]
      COVID-19: The virus does not exist – it is confirmed!
      Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D

  2. xileffilex

    Trouble is – anyone with symptoms now which they would have ascribed to ‘flu’ or a bad cold in years past is now a “covid case”. The genie isn’t going back into the bottle any more than the flu will return.
    The BMJ published a letter in November 2020 from a retired [note!] doctor in Germany Helen J Steen
    Dear Editor

    Congratulations on your excellent article drawing attention to how corruption and influence is ruining open discussion, which applies not only to the field of medicine but also climate and ecological sciences.

    You ask how might science be safeguarded in these exceptional times? This is a very important question but with regard to the current Covid crisis, the runaway express train of criminally corrupt science has already left the station and reached its destination. The only sensible response therefore is to seek legal redress through the courts.

    The German ‘Stiftung Corona Ausschuss’ (An extra-parliamentary committee of lawyers investigating the Corona Crisis) has been gathering evidence on the individuals and organisations responsible for the falsification of the the PCR test, which has been the main driver for government policy measures from the very beginning of this health emergency. The falsification of the test, starting with a protocol originally designed in Germany and then exported worldwide is considered by the inquiry to be a case of criminality which has resulted in damages to individual and businesses world wide.

    Last week, two UK scientists Dr. Mike Yeadon (a former CSO at Pfizer company) and Dr. Clare Craig (an NHS pathologist) gave their evidence concerning the UK’s Testing programme to the Corona Committee.

    The video of this can be seen on YouTube:

    Livestream Sitzung 27 – Ein Rundumschlag. 13 November 2020. OVALmedia in English.

    Questions and evidence are in English.

    I hope that the UK will follow the German lead and pursue the criminals who have corrupted science for their own benefit.

    I don’t see anyone quoting that letter! Interesting that it was published.

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