The presence of social media and a pandemic is a combination that’s never been tried before

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Bill Gates either can’t stop making Freudian slips or he really enjoys mocking the world.

I can’t decide.

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2 thoughts on “The presence of social media and a pandemic is a combination that’s never been tried before

  1. xileffilex

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that Gates is a front. And the people who are giving him his scripts are wetting themselves that the bought-off leaders have fooled the world. Which evil group wouldn’t gloat and rub our faces in our own stupidity?

  2. barbm124

    It’s all based on media, be it social or not, and the religious belief in news. I’m convinced there is no real vaccine, they lie about that too. As they lie about the vaccine deaths. At least about the more dramatic ones. Old people in care homes die one way or the other. They lie about the side effects and the deaths to scare people away from vaccines. On the other side they will lie about the number of vaccinated people too. The summer is the turning point. The second half of the year it is supposed to be the time when everything goes back to normal, what ever they planned for “normal”. But hey, it’s like watching a new season of some series. You only know what happens in the next episode after it is aired. Anything can happen. The script can be rewritten anytime, right? Some people told me already they tried to get the vaccine but were told to be patient. They want to vaccine 80 million Germans but ordered only 200000 vaccines and they still didn’t arrive yet. The vaccination center near my place can do 250 people per day. That way they will never vaccinate every German on time. Especially if they close on holidays. It’s all in my daily paper. It’s a joke. All of it.

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