Vileologists the cause of Corona

like this

I’d add the phony science of epidemiologists as well.

The causers of the corona crisis are clearly identified
who claim disease-causing viruses are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted
from Dr. Stefan Lanka


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3 thoughts on “Vileologists the cause of Corona

  1. barbm124

    actually Stefan Lanka never says such things. He’s all about dialog and not prosecuting anybody. He emphasizes frequently the necessity to find a way where nobody has to lose face. Besides even in this transcript it says “science fraud does not occur in criminal law”, which makes sense of course. Science manifests itself through ideas, ideas matter of course but wrong ideas cannot be prosecuted.
    I’m getting a bit upset about this transcripts. They use a fake logo and designs based on the scientific paper Stefan Lanka is issuing. It is not an English issue of Stefan Lanka’s paper. There is no such thing. The contents only roughly look like what Stefan Lanka is writing or saying. And many important things are missing. I wish, I had the time to translate his papers. This transcripts or translations are just someones ideas based on Stefan Lanka’s writings. It is not what Stefan Lanka writes. They are not translations or transcripts.

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