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I’ve been listening to some old audios of – from 2008.

It’s amazing how spot on he was back then. He was right far more often than wrong.

He solved —little if anything was missing from his analysis that’s been updated for 2020.

He has given me permission to post my favorites here or fakeotube.com.

He has a new newsletter called No-Tyranny eNewsletter. You’ll find a latest audio there.

Chat at fake11.com/discord or fake11.com/telegram

Show notes:

Companion Notes:


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5 thoughts on “FAK260-Markus Allen

  1. torgo

    Great chat guys! I really enjoyed it. Have you seen this lecture on the HIV/AIDS scam by Dr. Willmer? Amazingly, it is still on youtube. Not sure if it’s already on Fake-o-tube but it really belongs there as the lecture explains how the scam worked, which is obviously quite relevant now. The doctor apparently died not too long after this lecture. It is definitely one of the best things i’ve seen related to all this. www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQCKb1…

  2. xileffilex

    Interesting chat about deaths in 2020 [around 1h 30] I have been going through the figures for England and Wales which are available freely. The population is just under 60 million [which excludes Scotland and N. Ireland]
    For the record the population of the UK has increased to about 68m, by the end of 2020 which is 1m more than three years ago.

    The ONS [govt figures] tell us that over 600K died in England/Wales in 2020, which is more than 1.0 per cent.** The year 2020 was fortuitously a 53 week year, which will have added about 11K to the total to inflate the “pandemic” even further. [**Around 614,000 total deaths for 53 weeks]

    I did a FoI to a large pubic cemetery and the figures they quoted back [if they are true] showed a large spike in cremations and burials in April-June 2020] Who knows what was killing all these old and sick people – probably being locked up and thrown out of hospitals.

    And the official figures show that people are still dropping like flies in 2021… when will we run out of people to die?

    The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 15 January 2021 (Week 2) was 18,042, 291 more deaths than in the previous week (Week 1); this is the fourth-highest number of weekly deaths recorded during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
    In Week 2, the number of deaths registered was 30.5% above the five-year average (4,220 deaths higher)….
    In Week 2, deaths involving COVID-19 accounted for 40.2% of all deaths in England and Wales; this is the highest proportion of deaths involving COVID-19 that has been recorded during the pandemic.
    Of the 7,245 deaths involving COVID-19, 6,510 had this recorded as the underlying cause of death (89.9%).
    Of the 5,273 deaths that involved Influenza and Pneumonia, 381 had this recorded as the underlying cause of death (7.2%).

    So we can see that pretty well everyone who has corona added to their death certificate has it added as the main cause. 20 times more than “influenza” which seems to have vanished from the list of “killers”.
    If we can believe these figures, then there is a killer virus ravaging society and these figures will influence headlines and government policy. It is not easy to show how shutting down the economy and health care is contributing to these figures, if they are to be believed. They are only provided to the ONS. The ONS isn’t going to plough through piles of death certificates. The whole operation could easily be run as a simulation.
    The Johns Hopkins University seems to have DAILY figures right up to the past day for “Corona” deaths. Perhaps this is the nerve centre of the “covid death” operation.

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