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FAK261-Mark Tokarski

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Pieceofmindful.com‘s Mark Tokarski and I finally sit down to chat.

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Endless flu is nothing new

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If people had one cell of memory, they’d realise they hear the same thing every year.

Big Harma buying big media to propagate the same old story.

Governments, news and even hospitals are claiming that without locking down society the healthcare system would collapse. Yet, we only need take a look at headlines of flu seasons gone by to see that hospitals have dealt with far greater surges of respiratory illnesses without collapsing.


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Whither America

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The destruction will be slow.

Without the rule of law, there is no America.

There was no election of 2020. There was only a coup d’etat. A takeover from within. The only way America could have ever been conquered.

Nine states had more votes than voters. GA, where Trump lost by 10,000 votes had 10,300 ballots from dead people. With names and addresses.


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Get vaxxed: get terminated

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Hopeful signs of life.

The management of a German construction company sent out a message to employees as follows: “If an employee of our company is vaccinated, then his dismissal will be announced immediately! Whoever introduces unreliable vaccines, condemned by many experts around the world, jeopardizes the stability of our work processes at the enterprise! We are responsible for all employees, as well as reliable sales, timely wages and so on! We refuse to experiment with the effectiveness of our company in favor of the pharm

Source: Vox Popoli: Based Deutschland

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