Whither America

Be the 1st to vote.

The destruction will be slow.

Without the rule of law, there is no America.

There was no election of 2020. There was only a coup d’etat. A takeover from within. The only way America could have ever been conquered.

Nine states had more votes than voters. GA, where Trump lost by 10,000 votes had 10,300 ballots from dead people. With names and addresses.


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2 thoughts on “Whither America

  1. tokarski

    I got this email, and was surprised that O’Shea thought elections prior to 2020 were legitimate. Tyrone, whom you knew as Blue Moon, wrote in his JFKTV paper that the 1960 election was a sham, JFK the predetermined winner. They have thousands of people counting ballots, so they had to go to extreme measures to make sure their guy got the nod. But with 2000 and the Help America Vote Act, the whole thing became a computerized flimflam. These days all of the precinct workers imagine they are counting votes, and that that vote count is honest and reflected in the outcome. It is important they think that.

    In fact, it is important that all of us think that voting matters. It doesn’t, public opinion does not matter, but if a large part of the public got the idea that their opinions and votes did not matter, then the ruling oligarchs might have a problem, seething discontent, possibly even rebellion.


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