3 thoughts on “Odd and I on youtube with callers

  1. ricky

    Interesting links db, I’ve heard these stories before and have no doubt these sports “heroes” are used to promote the “beast” system. I don’t shy away from esoteric spiritual elements in play being used to effect “real events,” and despite my convictions they can only be “proved” through personal experiences.. One thing that’s amusing is the “great” Tom Brady was losing his hair ten years ago, what happened? Witchcraft, hair plugs, photo shop whatever, it’s all managed and controlled to create archetypes to divert and distract the masses from their own true selves.

  2. xileffilex

    That was a great caller from the care home sector. I guess pretty well everyone who dies in hospital will now be a covid “victim”. And a lot of people are dying from all causes in hospitals in 2021 in England and Wales – much higher than the 5 year average if one can believe the figures. And I bet with the regime of continual testing, many will be put down as covid deaths. At about 12m


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