FAC832-Another big show

likes this

Huge lineup – again-the Fakeologist audiochat has gone bananas lately!

John le Bon, Rollo, Videre, Ab, Anounceofsalt, Alto, Misom, JLB Gaia

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2 thoughts on “FAC832-Another big show

  1. dirtybenny

    Frank had my favorite lines in another blockbuster audiochat….

    “We have an enemy. They don’t like us. We have an enemy and people are not prepared to acknowledge that we have an enemy.”

    I totally agree. How can you begin to fight an enemy that most will not even acknowledge as an adversary? One can only do so individually once that revelation has occurred.

  2. marin2

    Calm water will always level itsself, that’s why the ball earth model is one 100% bogus.
    Have to admit how this bloody thing looks like , I don’t know and never will know.


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