1 thought on “Lockstepping travel in Canada

  1. ricky

    “You’ve got to be shittin me,” ………….but on a more serious note a thought I’ve had for awhile is the “elite or controllers” are setting these mid-level actors up for some serious blowback from regular people abused by these draconian policies. It was all fun and games when the “assassinations and mass murder stunts” were conducted in tightly controlled and managed situations. Most normies were fat and happy and not in an agitated state for most of my lifetime (67.) Things have changed, as we all know the media stages most if not all highly promoted events, however as the money system and it’s companion safety nets collapse we may actually see some real unplanned mayhem occur. When people get desperate, all bets are off and it may actually help the elites agenda to allow some of their lieutenants to be sacrificed for real.


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