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Markus and Andrew  talk about the day’s events.

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I’ve been listening to some old audios of Markus Allen – from 2008.

It’s amazing how spot on he was back then. He was right far more often than wrong.

He solved —little if anything was missing from his analysis that’s been updated for 2020.

He has given me permission to post my favorites here or fakeotube.com.

He has a new newsletter called No-Tyranny eNewsletter. You’ll find a latest audio there.

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Markus Allen’s XClave Private Towns

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021?

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021? You decide …

Canadian reset plans going full steam | Fakeologist.com

Canadian reset plans going full steam

Ron DeSantis’s Florida is the unsung success story of coronavirus

Oval Offices, by Way of Hollywood – The New York Times

US Coronavirus: 70% to 85% of Americans need to be fully vaccinated for a return to normal

I’ve had my Covid-19 vaccine — now what can I safely do? – CNN

Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA

Donkey, stick and COVID-19

Johns Hopkins researchers take inspiration from parasitic work for medicine delivery

Phantom Virus: In search of Sars-CoV-2 – OffGuardian

Phantom Virus: In search of Sars-CoV-2

Electron microscope virus image

Dr. Chris Knobbe – ‘Diseases of Civilization’

Ray Peat

Nina Teicholz: The Big Fat Surprise – (08/07/2014)

McDonalds Used To Make Beef Tallow French Fries And They Were Great

Malcolm Gladwell Has Some Serious Thoughts About McDonald’s Fries

0;Glyphosate is the Agent Orange of our time” | Renegade Gardener

“Glyphosate is the Agent Orange of our time”

Why You Should Talk to Yourself in the Third Person

What is Really New in Fintech – IMF Blog

What is Really New in Fintech

Digital twin –

National (Canadian) Omnibus Study of 2413 adults re:COVID19

National (Canadian) Omnibus Study of 2413 adults re:COVID19 – February 2021 from LockdownSkepticism

Kevin J Johnston

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12 thoughts on “FAK261-Markus & Truth34

  1. xileffilex

    The subject in the Canadian “leaked roadmap” for the great transition which I don’t think will meet the timeline is Universal Basic Income. To some extent, the stimmie cheques or Furlough scheme are bitty trials of UBI but go nowhere near the envisaged system.
    The London Assembly considered a regional trial of UBI at its meeting on January 20 2021

    Since the pandemic began, an interest in UBI has been growing across the country with supporters seeing it as the best response to the economic shocks from COVID-19 ***
    The Economy Committee will tomorrow look at the pros and cons of UBI and if the first pilot of the scheme should take place in London. The Committee will also look at how Co-operatives could aid COVID-19 recovery. The guests are:

    and reading between the lines, even a trial for what must become a national sheme, is a long way off.
    Minutes here which are enlightening.
    It’s an inclusivity thing – hung around “reducing child poverty”. And it can only go hand-in-hand with large tax increases in the modelling, one from the LSE below:

    in terms of poverty reduction and inequality reduction, [the LSE] model suggests that the bottom 10% of the income distribution in the country would see their disposable income raised by about 30% while the top 10% would see their income reduced by about 6%. It is a big redistribution —

    The UK Furlough scheme is to end in less than 3 months and hardly anyone is asking any questions about what happens next – the best guesses are some tapered reduction dovetailed into some assumed economic recovery.
    *** The question nobody will ask – was it all worth it? Well for the Great Reset and the impending [slow or fast?] collapse of the fiat money system, yes it was – a “unique opportunity” and the UBI is an integral part of it, dealing with the new useless class being created by AI and machine learning and the destruction of the family.

    This Assembly calls on the Mayor to:
    · Write to the government calling for a fully evaluated basic income pilot in the city; and
    · Work with local authorities to help test UBI in London.”

    This “utopia” isn’t going to materialise in Q2 of 2021 in the UK and probably not in Canada or any similar country either.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    ophallus should call in to speak to markus allen he wants his face on your oz dollars , get mark torkarski back , seeing as im hear xulk smash , get the hypnotist on to show us the tricks and point out the sleight of hand ,and didnt we get a visit from christian slater also(the dude). all for free
    i diversified my batcoins for covid cola

  3. John le Bon

    Thanks as always for the show.

    Just on the idea that the vaccines are not really ever coming (‘carrot in front of donkey’) idea, I don’t know when Ab first floated it, but I’ve been putting this idea out there for months and months. In fact I was surprised back in December that suddenly the vaccines were ‘here’, I figured they’d keep stalling the rollout (‘sorry guy, the vaccines are not ready yet, but soon’) well into 2021 and beyond.

    My point being, I don’t think anybody ‘stole’ this idea from anybody else.

    One minor piece of constructive criticism, the shows become worse than boring when people start talking about which foods and diets are supposedly good and which are supposedly bad. If somebody is in shape, go on camera and show us you’re in shape. Otherwise it is all hot air. The ‘truth’ scene is full of people talking about health instead of actually being healthy. And other people flip flopping between ‘this is bad’ and ‘that is bad’. It’s a complete waste of time.

    The part about internet marketing and hosting your own email server was interesting. I can tell you that of the roughly 1,000 people on my mailing list, between 20-30% open each email I send out, and of those, about half then click the link to whatever it is on my site that I am promoting (usually a Member video being made available for free).

    This means that only about 10% to 15% of the total email list is clicking through to the site each time I send out a new bulk email. Most simply do not click the email to open it, and even among those who do, about half won’t then click through to the site.

    And believe it or not, these numbers are pretty good compared to typical mass mailout campaigns, which tend to have click rates (depending on who you are listening to) of closer to 5% or 6%.

    My point here being that even when you have developed a decent mailing list, it is still not that effective in getting new content / information out to an audience. I’m still glad I began seriously trying to develop my mailing list, it is a useful tool, but I didn’t realise when I began this, just how many peoples email inboxes will automatically send my emails to ‘spam’ (even though I only send one, maybe two, emails per month).

    That’s why I make a youtube video and / or tweet to let people know that the latest email has been sent, otherwise a lot of people would never see the email, even though they want to. I think this is the best method for content creators in our scene: use youtube / twitter / email / (whatever you like) all at the same time, to promote the same thing (e.g. latest Member video) hosted on one’s own site.

    In other words, host it yourself, but promote it via as many social media platforms as you can be bothered to cultivate. This way, when one platform unpersons you, it is no big deal, because most of your subscribers on that platform are likely to be subscribed elsewhere at the same time. By cross promoting your different platforms, you minimise the damage if / when one of them gets rid of you.

    Anyway thanks again for the call, always enjoy them, this one was a little difficult to get through because the contrarianism factor was even higher than usual, but overall, for a free product, this is good stuff, cheers.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      I’m not worried about who gets credit for the donkey idea, but I’m glad it’s out there and propagating.
      Good info on the email lists, and I agree we should use all outlets all the time to find people.
      Didn’t know our call was contrarian at all. Do you mean when I disagree with Markus?
      If people want more of these calls, please donate @ fake11.com/donate.

      1. John le Bon

        Didn’t know our call was contrarian at all.

        Markus is a contrarian, and usually that’s okay, it is part of his shtick, but sometimes he goes overboard and begins disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, over and over. As a listener, it gets to the point where you just know that whatever Ab says, Markus is going to disagree. As in, on any particular topic, whatever you put forward, he will take the opposite position. If you say you like X, he’ll say that he doesn’t. If you say you think X won’t work, he’ll say that it will. So on and so forth.

        I don’t think Markus does this deliberately, it is just part of who he is, and a lot of the time it works (e.g. media analysis) but in general conversation, it can become grating, because you no longer can take the conversation seriously, when at least one of the participants is no longer arguing from conviction but instead in the moment i.e. arguing for the sake or arguing.


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