Culling and robbing the boomers

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This was the curve the great coronavirushoax reset really wanted to flatten: the baby boomer population curve.

This is what I’ve said from the beginning…the big picture…is an Imperial invasion, killing, looting, pillaging and colonial occupation of a militarily vulnerable but resource-rich target. In this case, the target is not a remote nation or continent full of primitive tribes. In this case the target is an elderly population of retirees who have amassed personal wealth and benefits and are thus ripe for decimation and theft of possessions. Prior to the communist invasion, the Boomers were happily enjoying their retirement years, spending their hard earned retirement income on travel and other enjoyable pursuits/occupations…BUT that was considered a waste of what the PerpZ regard as THEIR money…money they want to use to offset all their squandering over the past several decades on other imperial wars, False Flags, and other evil plotZ. Money they want to use to set up their total control global surveillance system with its biometric, digital monetary 0;social credit” currency, IMO. The PerpZ always had it in their minds to kill off us boomers and steal our stuff.

Israelis “Dying like Flies” after Covid-19 Vaccine…. PLUS: 501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries, Latest CDC Adverse Reactions Data Show…Culling expected to last Seven to Ten Years greencrowasthecrowflies.blogsp…

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3 thoughts on “Culling and robbing the boomers

  1. xileffilex

    Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but James Corbett has just alerted us to the fact that Biden has appointed a controversial medical ethicist, Ezekiel Emmanuel, to the Covid-19 transition team, announced in late 2020.
    From about 4m20s…
    In a nutshell, he wants to get rid of the useless eaters in retirement the become less able as they age. He wants to be out by 75 along with everyone else of that age I guess.

    he wants to switch to entirely palliative care at 75, no longer aiming to prolong his life.

    [this will not apply to the Schwabs and Gateses of this world]

  2. xileffilex

    This important July 2020 video explains the pensions crisis in the boomer generation.

    The Retirement Crisis: Explained & Explored
    3,412 views [only!]

    There is also an earlier, perceptive video from the same source in October 2018 [!]. Nobody seems to want to broach this subject. And the boomer health crisis is an entirely different video yet to be made. The controllers obviously have sussed all this out. Some kind of reset of expectations is what the doctors and economists might order….


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