FAC839-Odd calls

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Uncle Odd and I hash out the last day’s events.

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2 thoughts on “FAC839-Odd calls

  1. xileffilex

    I see the word boomercide gaining traction in alternative narrative circles. I’m surprised that governments aren’t giving out free copies of this 2012 book by “ad man” Peter Levitan which recommends suicide to the baby boomers as a way out of their uncertain financial future…
    Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide

    If people won’t “do-it-yourself” then governments have to step in to quantitatively ease-up the pension and health care crisis ahead.

    They just have to clear out the over-80s dried tinder up ahead first, which they are doing remarkably efficiently.

    PS He’s also a fan of the QR code prison system

    December 2019 – this guy didn’t know that covid-19 plans had been hatched to deal with the problem –

  2. misom


    Skylarkin from England and Misom from Switzerland analyze the Q narrative and try to find the red line that connects the JFK assassination psyop with the JFK junior / Q psyop.

    Later on Rollie Quaid from Minesota joins the discussion and talks about the destruction of urban infrastructure during the so called BLM riots.

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