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  1. xileffilex

    We need to have that clip “fact-checked” by the biggest fastest growing part of the journalism “industry”, working on behalf of their governements 24/7 which are paying their salaries via state funded advertising campaigns, all shooting into the same goal, never “checking” anything from state mouthpieces.

    Roll on April 2 – International Fact-Checking Day, “introduced at a conference for journalists and fact-checkers at the London School of Economics in June 2014”! Well chosen for the 3/11 “pandemic”.

    2020’s International Fact-Checking Day focused specifically on how to accurately identify information about COVID-19.

    This, written in 2012 in The Rise of Political Fact Checking has all been trashed for UN Agenda purposes.

    “You need to be consistently tough on everyone, as you lose credibility if you only focus on one party **,” says Kessler. If you criticize only one side.. you are no longer a fact
    checker. You are a tool in a political campaign.

    ** or narrative.

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