3 thoughts on “Canadian beauties destroy germ/COVAIDS theory

  1. ricky

    My experience is they’re digging in deeper xf, the less sense the msm information gets, the more strident my sheeple friends and family believe a vax will save the situation and restore them to their previous state of ignorance. Jan Erich made a great observation recently about how difficult reality is to face sometimes and those who choose to deny it remain children. That’s exactly what I’m observing everyday, adults hooked on “hopium” believing the “state” and “science” will “build back better!” I’m embarrassed to witness how stupid people are now.

    1. xileffilex

      My health center was pestering me by phone today [landline only, I won’t have a “smart” tracking device] to take the experimental medicine, or whatever’s being delivered in the syringe and I kept saying ‘no thanks’ until they called off. I wonder if they’ll try again? I don’t want to be kept safe from anything but everywhere I look the walls are closing in.

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