New Normal crimes

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Destroying small businesses one at a time here in 0;Open for Business” Ontario using the magical covaids virus.… via bitslide

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2 thoughts on “New Normal crimes

  1. barbm124

    I just read that Pfizer intends to make 15 billions of dollars out of selling the Biontech vaccine this year. It is February, they didn’t sell or produced much of the vaccines yet, yet still they assume they will make 15 billions of dollars with a 30% margin before taxes? As for now they vaccinate about 200 people per day in a 200000 city. That’s what the media here says. That way to vaccinate such a city would take 1000 days and they have to vaccinate twice so make it 2000 days. It’s a joke. Pfizer will launder taxpayers money because they have the politicians in their pockets. It’s not even a secret. They don’t need to deliver and therefore want to scare people from asking for the vaccine. All people I know who asked for the vaccine were told to be patient and got none so far. There is no real vaccine and the entire story is as fake as corona itself.

  2. Jack33

    I never watch the news anymore but the other day I happened to see the very beginning of the national evening news broadcast.
    Nothing but propaganda and fear-based programming.
    The broadcast opened with a graphic of the latest bullshit death totals and the news anchor attempting to compare the “epidemic” to the events of 9/11 with regards to the amount of trauma and loss people are feeling.
    An odd analogy if you ask me, but you can see what they were trying to do.

    After she finished comparing the two she said, “and still some people refuse to wear a mask, unbelievable,” and she shook her head slightly as if in disgust.

    I felt like kicking in my TV screen.

    How can the the people around us be so stupid to fall for that crap!??


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