1 thought on “Jan 6 Capitol Shooting insurrection hoax LARPing proof

  1. barbm124

    that’s great fun ab. Especially bystanders pointing at crisis actors. It wouldn’t be possible a few years ago. It’s that more people now think about this when they witness something weird. Did you watch “The Hunt” yet? It’s a great fun too. Ethan Suplee (Randy from My Name Is Earl) talks there about crisis actors too. Even that way it becomes known and somehow popular. Even if people at first reject it, it’s a beginning. So far nothing new in Germany. We’re in a lockdown, which I enjoy a lot. For me it is like a sabbatical year. The winter is back right now. We have some snow, some sun too. People actually get boring with all that corona stuff IMO. All this fear news everywhere and nothing happens. Even if the majority still believes in it, they got bored. Maybe boredom can win over fear.


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