FAK265-Markus Allen

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Markus, Andrew and I discuss the day’s events.


’s XClave Private Towns

OpenVears (might be censored from the Internet)

CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Informed Consent Defense – Legal Defense Fund
The Control Group Litigation

How To Make A Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash

Virtual Currency Businesses: Virtual Currencies | Department of Financial Services

Greenlist ID Frequently Asked Questions | Payment Pathways

Frequently Asked Questions


NACHA Payments 2013 – Complementary Paths to Global ACH

How leading Tor developers and advocates tried to smear me after I reported their US Government ties

Bitcoin News

Shadow Government Statistics – Home Page

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Study: Refusal to wear face mask associated with psychopathy traits

Thoughts from an ICU worker

Thoughts from an ICU worker from NoNewNormal

Parents of daughters are more likely to divorce than those with sons

Parents of daughters are more likely to divorce than those with sons

90,000 Florida kids didn’t show up for school this year. Where are they?

Teacher Records Her Classroom Filled With Plexiglass Boxes For Her Students And It’s INSANE!

A Republican voter data firm probably exposed your personal information for days…

Home – Deep Root Analytics


Deep Root Analytics (Prebuilt audiences)

Deep Root Audiences

The Geography of Loss – Oklahoma City National Memorial (U.S. National Park Service)

I’ve been listening to some old audios of Markus Allen – from 2008.

It’s amazing how spot on he was back then. He was right far more often than wrong.

He solved —little if anything was missing from his analysis that’s been updated for 2020.

He has given me permission to post my favorites here or fakeotube.com.

He has a new newsletter called No-Tyranny eNewsletter. You’ll find a latest audio there.

Mark the date in your calendar.

Chat at fake11.com/discord or fake11.com/telegram

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2 thoughts on “FAK265-Markus Allen

  1. ricky

    I agree with your’ opinion xileffilex, since the greatest source of control starts with the control of countries “money,” it stands to reason there will not be any end-arounds tolerated by our monetary overlords if it threatens “their” system. (Whatever it turns into.) I tried to “buy” some bitcoin when it was 2000 dollars, it was so convoluted and ponderous I figured I’d lose some of the weird passwords and “wallets” before I could ever cash out. Anyway, if I had been successful I would have cashed out long ago, I subscribe to the notion “if something seems to good to be true…………” This looks to me like a “pump and dump,” much like Tesla, how about their “space program” LOL!! Nothing has to have real value anymore until it does, that’s the way I’m preparing, with real things that can’t be confiscated when the internet goes dark.

  2. xileffilex

    Stimulating chat, as always with Markus.
    I’ve heard it said that Bitcoin, “invented by an unknown person or persons”, is a live try-out for the coming CBDCs. The writing has been on the wall a long while for the next reset of the system – a “new Bretton Woods moment” as recently heralded by the head of the IMF in which all things digital except a currency were discussed. LOL!

    Of course you can keep the printing presses running until the US becomes a banana republic, producing nothing, with the dollar becoming worth less and less.

    People like Mark Carney aren’t going to allow crypto currencies to run alongside their CBDCs and they’ll do all they can to make undermine [their own?] Bitcoin. For example the HSBC Bank has blocked conversion of bitcoin profits into GBP currency or even buying it with their cards. Another experiment?
    The BIS is advocating a digital SDR – but backed by what exactly? Christine Lagarde while at the IMF was advocating a digital SDR in 2017

    The system was bust well before the Sars-Cov2 drill – here’s the speech of Mark Carney at the annual Jackson Hole Symposium of the Kansas City Fed in August 2019, “Challenges for Monetary Policy” attended also by Jerome Powell ** who let Carney break the news

    While I encourage people to read the speech by Carney, here is part of Powell’s pithy opening address:

    We face heightened risks of lengthy, difficult-to-escape periods in which our policy interest rate is pinned near zero. To address this new normal, we are conducting a public review of our monetary policy strategy, tools, and communications—the first of its kind for the Federal Reserve.

    The Central Banks [and governments] won’t want anything currencies running in parallel not under their control and will change the laws to make sure of that.


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