Covaids wonderland

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Disneyland, Wonderland, or whatever amusement park around the world being used to chemotherapy you. There’s a plausible deniability to using these parks, but I see it as mockery.…

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4 thoughts on “Covaids wonderland

  1. dirtybenny

    Thanks for the lead, davieb. I never heard of this one before.

    Male digit ratio at 6 seconds in.… Pizza in photos is coincidence.………… Entity does resemble the Jackson entity in my opinion. The wide flat nose bridge does it.

    so, a hollywood insider, child star actress is trying to save mankind, by reading a script, likely AI generated…. I don’t think so. This one couldn’t fake sincere if it tried.

    Another day, another deceptacon androgyne hard at work trying to harvest our attention.


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