FAC845-Gord, Top Notch Energy, Anounceofsalt

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New voice Gord from Manitoba comes by for a session.

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2 thoughts on “FAC845-Gord, Top Notch Energy, Anounceofsalt

  1. xileffilex

    Nice to hear Gord. It’s difficult not to be depressed these days – especially if you read the small print from those who are telling us what’s in the pipeline.
    A friend [65] said she’d just had the shot and was feeling a little “fluey”. So, either there was something in that dose or it’s the nocebo effect.
    There really is no way back from this craziness – yet the idiots can’t see that the shot is pointless. “It will prevent you dying” [lol!!] a very intelligent friend said to me today while acknowledging that nothing will change after taking the jab. Cognitive dissonance on a grand scale. I’ll remain a super-spreading biohazard at large…..

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      My father had a fever for 12 hours and my mother said things were “dicey.” She was so worried she got him a covaids test, why I don’t know. It was negative. The worry and self-isolation will kill them both.


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