Let them go boom

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Great advice.

There’s been an interesting discussion on SocialGalactic about one’s responsibility to parents who refuse to listen to one’s advice about the Covid 0;vaccines”:

Let the Boomers boom voxday.blogspot.com/2021/02/le…

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3 thoughts on “Let them go boom

  1. xileffilex

    The boomers think they’re going to be off on a sea cruise soon after their jab, the idiots. Some hope. I’ve now had a follow up letter in the mail inviting me to trust the “experts” and have a shot. Sadly, one has to mask up and “socially” distance to take it, so that’s me out I guess…..

    1. psyopticon

      An elderly relative is being bullied into vaxx-submission by letters and by phone calls from the family GP (who bags £12 a jab) and by the Stalinist-sounding NHS Immunisation Management Service.

      Despite repeatedlly declining their “offer” of the toxo-vaxx, the NHS cold-callers are challenging the refusal to the point of bullying. On what grounds are you declining? (“personal”). What do you need to know about the vaxxine? (“nothing”). What can be said to persuade you otherwise? (“nothing”). To date, two letters received through the post and two follow-up phone calls, with a warning that all calls are recorded!

      According to suspect Department of Health statistics, the vaxx compliance rate in Britain is astonishingly high; the highest in Europe. With 23.7 doses allegedly administered per 100 population as at 15 Feb 2021. Yet, the average across EU-27 is just 5 doses/100 population, and as low as 1.2 in Bulgaria; 2.9 in Croatia, 3.6 in Netherlands, 4.2 in Austria and 4.4 in France.


      Purportedly, brainwashed Brits have already been injected with 16 million vaxx-doses. And yet, from local observation, the GP practices, vaccination centres and vaxx-shuttle buses are invariably empty. How can this be, when there should be a continual hive of activity? Very fishy.

      Furthermore, why should vaxx take-up in Britain be at such variance to the norm in other nations? Britain’s vaxx-propaganda is all the more omnipotent? Or are the vaxx-stats simply fabricated, like the rest of the fake pandemic, for whatever vector?

      Take-up is, in all likelihood, very low; hence the relentless pestering to drum up submissive patients.

      We also hear anecdotal stories from young and healthy people who have already been approached by NHS Immunisation Management, “inviting” them in for an injection. What happened with prioritising the weak and elderly? Surely the oldies can’t all be done and dusted already?! One example, a healthy 38 year old Portuguese national was targetted by NHS Immunisation Management for the covaids-jab. He had to decline since he left the UK some eight years ago! More evidence of scraping the barrel amid an embarrassing dearth of willing patients!


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