6 thoughts on “Traitor Joe’s

  1. napoleon

    someone should open up a store where your free to roam at your own pace regardless of religion , may have to be a private store could call it club of roam!!!

  2. barbm124

    come on, this people are just scared. They take it for real. At least you still can walk without a mask. In Germany you won’t enter a shop without a surgical or a FFP2 mask. I’m still optimistic, this will end this year. They still have to sell all the already ordered and produced mask so the involved people will make their money but more people now get tired of this and this cannot be kept forever. There always is a turning point where a hoax stops working or there is another better hoax. That’s why they made AIDS disappear, why Muslim terrorists are not a treat anymore, etc. Of course those things never disappear completely, like Russia is still being used as rule model for an enemy. But it then plays only in the background. It’s hard to unfool people so the mask will stay with us as the crosses on necks are still very present. The importance of this will change though. Faster than it looks now. It is a kind of war without fighting. It puts the economy back a lot so after the “war” ends everybody will be busy again. There are many news from care homes, where older people supposedly die like flies after getting vaccinated. May be true, may be not true. I don’t know anybody in a care home and cannot tell. I don’t think they will do such stupid things but hey. Who knows. Doctors are legally killing patients world wide since the invention of health care. Maybe they just try to get rid of the older ones. But on the other side, this care home system also generates a lot of money flow so I’m inclined not to believe they will kill the older ones in such an obvious way.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      People in care homes die quickly anyway before covaids. Neglect, old age, comorbidity, boredom, isolation and lack of manpower have always made them full of death. Covaids has added gas to the already burning fire. It’s meant to draw attention to the problem, and other societal problems they want to change. Covaids is the ball in follow the bouncing ball. youtu.be/BZgqh6wHOyA

  3. napoleon

    id love to be in the staff room after that , sure youd hear some personal accounts of what these people need to happen to them from the customer service team, and maybe theres an ex football player or two coming up with a defence formation against domestic terrorists (smartyrs) sounds better.
    although i didnt see anyone who looks like they shared a changing room (unless its a unisex) one .
    yes im judgy!!
    i heard “guys” too much hate that fucking word
    i wonder if it was 6 foot 2 bikini wearing gods and goddesses if there would be the same reaction
    great video really fun

  4. ricky

    I don’t like watching these videos, I’ve known for a long time we live in an idiocracy, but have been able to navigate socially amongst brainwashed idiots by speaking their language. Our controllers have devised the “great divide” where “fakeologist” types are pushed to their limits and their counterpart sheeple friends and family are equally pushed to defend how stupid they’ve become. It’s brilliant, why not create a “cure” that ends up having the victims being willing to fight for their own destruction. There may be an element of brand preservation in play in this video but mostly points to a sad state of learned stupidity and a willingness of a dumbed-down society to embrace it.

  5. Gabriel

    This is a great example how we need to work together to overcome the face diapers. I suspect there are a lot more of us than those still ignorant and believing there is some virus. If those people at Trader Joes are not agents working for the government then they really need to take a step back and realize there is no pandemic. Where I live we have no evidence of a pandemic or even people with cold symptoms. My observation is that people are even doing better this year than most years. That might not be the case after this week. We are getting arctic temps here in Texas right now. Its the most unbearable I have ever seen it here. There is a sheet of ice on the ground and we have negative temps to contend with. We also have rolling blackouts happening. Please let the warm temps return. This is awful here.


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