Fakeologist Show on the  Dark-Matter-Digital-Network

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I told Tim Ozman he could play any of my shows on his site – hopefully his site catches on and helps diffuse the content. All my content is free and shareable – if you get value from it, pay whatever you think it’s worth by donation.

Fakeologist Show: Exposing one at a time Coming Soon…

Source: Fakeologist Show: Exposing media fakery one PsyOp at a time – Dark-Matter-Digital-Network

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1 thought on “Fakeologist Show on the  Dark-Matter-Digital-Network

  1. John le Bon

    Have you considered doing a weekly show at a regular time to be simulcast via Dark Matter Digital Network?

    You could (and should) still stream it via your own delivery platforms, but it would also be streamed (and replayed) via DMDN.

    What size donation would be required to get you to commit to, say, four consecutive weeks of such a show?

    You can’t have midday Monday US EST, that’s taken.

    But an hour before or after would be golden.

    Or any other time. Just name the time and day, and name your donation price.


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