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Paying for silence and compliance

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Any strategy that successfully manipulates public opinion is bound to be repeated, and we can now clearly see how the tobacco industry’s playbook is being used to shape the public narrative about COVID-19 and the projected post-COVID era.


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Inverted world

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Did Gnosticism get us here?

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Heavy thinking time.

With the publication of The Da Vinci Code and the release of the Matrix films, Gnosticism has experienced a cultural revival in the West. Is the rise of Gnostic thinking simply a fleeting trend, like the outrageous clothing that Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera wear one day and never don again? Perhaps. Yet, it is interesting to note that the popularization of Darwinian evolution preceded Gnosticism’s ascendancy in the West.


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The Molecular Path to Shamanism | Watson, Crick and the Double-Helix Delusion

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GENETICIST JAMES WATSON AND FRANCIS CRICK, a molecular biologist, biophysicist, and neuroscientist by trade, conducted no DNA experiments of their own, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. And yet in 1953, in the final few years leading up to the space race, they discovered the DNA molecule known as the Double Helix by “drawing upon the experimental results of others” and relying on “brilliant intuition, persistence, and luck.” But there is a missing ingredient here. As the story goes, Francis Crick burst through the front door of his Cambridge home spouting barely-legible gibberish to his wife about “two spirals twisting in opposite directions from one another.” Being herself somewhat of an artist, she put vision to paper. And like Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse, the coiling double helix was promptly born. To celebrate, the couple met up with research partner James Watson, and the trio drunk themselves silly at a local pub. It should be noted that Crick was a devoted fan of author Aldous Huxley. He famously threw nude parties throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. But most importantly of all, Crick was a devoted connoisseur of LSD.


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The DNA double helix hoax

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Crick was an LSD popping, Aldous Huxley loving theorist who didn’t do one experiment to “discover” DNA.

His wife painted his hallucination.

He’s simply another scientistism character used to sell a myth.

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