2 thoughts on “Sam thread exploding

  1. ricky

    I think any seasoned “fakeologists” have probably developed a good sense for what to consider from any source. It can even be entertaining in a kind of sick way to watch something like “The Super Bowl” with it’s bombastic propaganda and vile display of “popular culture.”

  2. xileffilex

    I saw the thread yesterday but it seems to have vanished today [at least to me] I wouldn’t want anyone banned from yt. Perhaps Dr Sam flies below the radar, carefully choosing her words. I can’t believe though that she’s not ON the radar of the silicon valley UN stooges.
    It’s easy to throw around the CO term, but if we had everyone banned whom we thought were CO, we’d have precious little left to read or watch. We just have to take from any source whatever we find instructive and leave the rest of the information on the side of the plate.
    Whaddyoo thenk innernet frinds?

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