What is controlled opposition?

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Not saying Sam is CO, but this is a great comment.

Controlled opposition (and I’m not saying Bailey is) traditionally takes years to identify, with the objective of emerging as a lifeline in censored/restricted world to those ardently seeking guidance/answers. Once a following/loyalty is built, then you find the misdirection, or lunacy creeping in. At such a time many will realise and jump ship to the new 0;truth speaker”, having now wasted several years of their finite time. I estimate only 4 or 5 controlled opps are needed per generation. I have seen it half a dozen times in my life from people I wasted years with, adamant they were the forces of good.
Here’s what you DON’T know – you are versus a system that is very old, very established, and has at its disposal generations of the finest minds who’ve honed the skill of human manipulation to scientific perfection. There are dozens of think-tanks working continually to this end. The correct starting point is understanding that you don’t know anything.

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  1. Gabriel

    This is a great post Tim. I recall Markus Allen used to have a list of controlled opposition but I cannot find it now. It was similar to this one, truthinplainsight.com/controll…. I recall he had Simon Shack on his list but I don’t consider Simon controlled opposition. If Simon was or is, he does so much good genuine work for humanity that he is effectively good.

    I recall when I started out in truth I followed a lot of these controlled opposition people. Since I have grown so much over the years I can now spot them pretty well and I quickly tune them out. There were a bunch of controlled opposition for 9/11 when I first started looking into it but many of them have left the scene.

    The controlled opposition is there all the time though. It is there from top to bottom. For example, now that I see it all of the news is controlled but you can see levels and stages. For example, you might start off with an order like this, Geraldo Rivera, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, David Icke, etc and others that are there to catch you at the next level or in their specialty. There are agents at every level to catch and manage you. I never really thought it all through until a road trip. I was listening to Geraldo take callers. The calls were about the staged issues of the day and those talk radio people are there to keep you in the system. They take calls from congress and senators and take the right or left agenda. ALL of it is there to keep people occupied and controlled and make it appear the system is working and there for us. All of talk radio shows are there for that. Almost all of it is useless nonsense and even worse, even if you felt any of it was real you are helpless to affect it. I very much want to change any of this but where to start and that is another discussion. Good people like yourself and Markus are making a difference with education and finding solutions like Markus’s enclave.

    At this stage there are only a handful of people that I think are real. I consider you and Markus both real and genuine people. I also felt the same way about Chris Kendall. There are others I see you follow and that post on your forum that I think are real too but I don’t know as much about them.

    Its a fascinating topic and it is important to share. Our fellow human beings need to see how scripted and far afield all of this goes.

  2. tokarski

    Excellent point. The most obvious example of CO in my lifetime (says the 70 year-old) is Noam Chomsky. He inspired a devoted following over time with his deep and well thought analysis of US foreign policy, and at the same time at crucial points (JFK, 911) sought to lead us in the wrong direction. I should have seen it long before I did,, but it was evident in the Pentagon Papers caper. The object of that ruse was to insert a false history of the Vietnam war into the record, but to do so, release if that history had to appear to be unlawful. So Daniel Ellsberg was enlisted to “steal” a copy, and then Chomsky and Howard Zinn ran around after hours seeking to Xerox those papers and get them to WaPo and NYT. It was a classic spy thriller, and all an act. Ellsberg was said to be facing life imprisonment, but was freed due to a clumsy Watergate-type break-in to his psychiatrist’s office in LA by the White House Plumbers, so sloppy that they might as well have hung a sign on the door saying “we did this” with their signatures on it. It was classic misdirection.

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