FAC847-FART aftershow

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Rollo and the gang after FART 51.

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4 thoughts on “FAC847-FART aftershow

  1. napoleon

    mised out the wordparent in the last post oops…

    no theyve been steadily poisoning new babies for years, were seeing animals culled for infection , so its obvious the children who are born with defects will be the first generation of culling because theyre carriers . this cannot be overlooked

    theres enough bullshit already accepted www.bitchute.com/video/rFEnSOj…

    heres some jones

  2. napoleon

    farcvalues fatalism is refreshing and id like to hear that adressed a lot more ,jan has done the same
    also the concept of living for yourself is naive when millions have middle aged children who are disabled from the medical industry and need daily care and have only been able to gain a short respite with a trip or holiday all the time knowing that they will be the only ones who offer care and see their child die before them

    the medical industry (industry) !!!! industry lol

    i suggest a mind has the capacity to live for all with the same amount of gratification and struggle,
    the scales or balance each of us has must be directly attached to the amount of resposibilty and awareness of how the world works .
    theres been some great audios recently

  3. dirtybenny

    Outstanding discussion. I especially enjoyed Sarah and JLB asking difficult questions regarding bringing children into this realm and isolating from civilization versus integration. Sara and Frank raising the concept of demons in society as a model for the reality we experience daily should also be on the table. Hearing Farcevalue lay down the cold hard truth regarding the concept of countries and families was on target.

    JLB’s optimism about creating our own reality and life resonates strongly with me.

    JLB asking Ab about the meaning of life before having children raised a very interesting topic. I disagree with Ab regarding the negative concept of living for yourself . I submit that it is our obligation to live for ourselves. One cannot live for someone else and if you attempt to do so, you abdicate your responsibility for your own journey and path. Some paths involve the experience of raising children and some do not. Both paths are internal journeys involving the life experience that we create.

    Also, I could only wish that they would burn down the medical systems and education systems. That will NEVER happen. Those enterprises as most all else in this “civilization” is rapidly being usurped and channelled through the AI and the black screen interface…..such as this comment.


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