6 thoughts on “How the mask tables have turned

  1. psyopticon

    In case it needs pointing out, these irresponsible Anti-Maskers were filmed in November 2018, a full year before the coronahoax was spattered around the lavatory pan that is the mainstream media.


    Since then, the po-faced Principal of nearby Lynn Grove Academy who features in the film, Ms A.L. Mobbs BA (Hons), has thankfully done a full volte-face on face coverings for her pupils.

    The wearing of face masks in her Academy for NWO Zombies is now mandatory without exception in all communal zones.

    In her “Return to School” Parental Newsletter of 27 October 2020, chief prig Miss Mobbs lays down a strict regime for masks and mask-wearing throughout her campus.


    Including Mask Rule #5: any pupil who pings the elastic of, or otherwise tampers with the face covering of another child (or teacher)…. is guilty of “a significant health and safety breach” and “will be dealt with accordingly“.

    Quite right, too. No one likes a mask pinger.

    1. xileffilex

      There’s a bit of Klaus Schwab in Alison Mobbs… almost a year ago, on March 19 2020, she was salivating at the prospect of all her 1000 pupils being confined to barracks.


      A head teacher has said pupils coming to terms with the school closure bombshell need to grasp it as an opportunity
      And while some would sit on their Xboxs, ** others would use their time at home to study around subjects and learn a new skill, she added.
      “We are in a situation which we have been preparing for for some time

      , she said

      A unique window of opportunity indeed! No wonder the teaching profession loves lockdowns.

      ** not so very incloooseev

  2. xileffilex

    Great stuff! No acting here from PC Peter James Richeda of the Norfolk Constabulary. Some people are have cop DNA [if you believe in the double helix] in them at birth and he’s a prime example. No sense of humour necessary.

    1. peterj

      About DNA double helix ….

      I just wonder how they in practice split and cut those 2nm wide DNA – strings ? With microscopic knife and magnifier class? Or laser ?

      Has anyone debunked this issue ?


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