Zig zag hoax

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This endless health hoax has so many contradictions the average npc’s head must be exploding.

Avoid the quat holy water at all costs.

As people around the world remain isolated in their homes, avoiding close contact with others and meticulously sanitizing their hands and surfaces, scientists warn there may be unintended consequences of these necessary pandemic protocols.


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9 months ago

Bateson’s own process of self-transformation began with a letter to his father in 1925. A year earlier, his parents had persuaded him to break off his engagement to a Swiss woman. She wasn’t English, she wasn’t a scientist, hence she wasn’t right. Sent off, in compensation, to the Galápagos Islands to repeat the fieldwork that Charles Darwin had done a century before, Bateson found the inhabitants far more interesting than the fauna. Pleading with his father not to be ‘terribly disappointed’, he wrote to tell him he needed to ‘break with ordinary impersonal science’. He would study people, anthropology. Ten… Read more »

9 months ago

9 months ago

Schismogenesis (i.e., creation of a division between factions; e.g., “getting off on the wrong foot” or a “falling out”) is a communication-centric type of deviation amplifying mutual-causal process (PDF), which itself is a feedback loop in a growth and or decay cycle (as opposed to being in a state of ‘stasis’). This process is characterized by a continuous cyclical exchange of mutually reinforcing and aggravating signals that, if left unchecked, over time and often rapidly widen the gap of understanding between messaging parties while simultaneously — through the employment of Systems of Holding Back — progressively diminishing the willingness of… Read more »

9 months ago

I’ll type the unhiddden once again. Gregory Bateson gave us schismogenesis. It basically means the same thing as psience, to divide. Gregor(y)’s father taught you to say genetics of course…


…psience, schismogenesis, and shite share the same root.
The root means division. Gullible apes just cannot take a hint…


9 months ago

I think the best advice would have been to tell people to avoid following the “rules” as much as possible, but that would be construed as medical disinformation….