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Kellyannwolfe freedom fighter

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Another Canadian hero being attacked with lawfare.

Check out this video “Kevin J. Johnston, Pat King, Derek Storie, Doug Force, Art Pawlowski, Wayne Peters and ED ALL LIVE!” www.twitch.tv/kevinjjohnston/v…

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FAC848-Misom, Benoit and many more

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TomD, Ab, Rollo, Exoterick, John le Bon, Alto, TruthIAm, Beautifulserenity

What happened to Jeff C.? Is he dead?

Jlb and Rollo have a long session.

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Immunity is a legal term

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Immune: Free from the affects
of an irritant.

Immunity is a false idea spewed
by MDs as they try to sell us meds.

Nowhere in life are we immune
from anything.

Do we become immune to alcohol?
No, we become so sick with it, it
rots us.

Immunity is a legal term.

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