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FAC850-Uncle Odd chat

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Uncle Odd and I have a long chat.

Uncle Odd’s discussion

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Canadian Tyrant · Fakeotube – by Bing

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Our national hardware store has apparently deputized its store clerks to fully take down naked facers.

Good thing they don’t sell pistols.

Comments seem to lean towards overreaction.

It’s always possible this is atrocity propaganda – let see if any real charges are laid against the tyre shirts.


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A debt they can’t and won’t be able to pay

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How the middle class will be wiped.

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, Canadian small businesses have racked up a collective $135 billion in debt because of the health emergency, according to estimates by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).


There will be two classes: the management and slaves, operating the machine for the 9000 owners.

The independent middle will be gone.

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Alex Jones revealed operation lockstep in 2010

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Alex said “pick a side” long before I did.


Chris Sky made the show and is back on today.

Alex has been right on too many topics to ignore, even if he’s accused of being CO.

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FAC849-Ladies night

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Lotsa ladies, including new voice Didi, Fakeologist, anounceofsaltperday, TomD27, Alto, BeautifulSerenity320, Dr fustercluck, Cooler1021, Didi, lostspiderphallus, purplePlay, Just A Gal, Velocet, sarahhhha, Benoit, Horny Geris, Rollo, exoterick, VIDERE

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