FAC849-Ladies night

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Lotsa ladies, including new voice Didi, Fakeologist, anounceofsaltperday, TomD27, Alto, BeautifulSerenity320, Dr fustercluck, Cooler1021, Didi, lostspiderphallus, purplePlay, Just A Gal, Velocet, sarahhhha, Benoit, Horny Geris, Rollo, exoterick, VIDERE

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6 thoughts on “FAC849-Ladies night

  1. Fakeologist Post author

    At 4:50:00 I was trying to grab a clip from ODB’s famous press conference. I didn’t realize the clip was playing to the stream – I deafened myself but didn’t mute. It’s amusing that Velocet thought I was just mis-timing myself – that wasn’t the case. I didn’t hear a thing – and I also didn’t say anything to Velocet in the chat about as I was unaware. Apologies to all – I also didn’t hear that my levels were so low the whole time.
    I would have definitely added to the conversation. Apologies to Sarahhhh and Velo.

  2. John le Bon

    One of the best FAC episodes of 2021 so far, imho. Thanks to all participants, and of course to Ab for making these calls possible. Welcome Didi to the site, a lovely debut.

    Just on the topic of ‘why are people telling other people have babies’ thing, I was glad to hear Velocet try to get a serious discussion going on this question. It is a strange thing: why would somebody who thinks the world is bad, or the government is evil, or the lockdowns have ‘ruined our lives’, then try to convince other people to have children?

    I’ve long found this to be a strange thing indeed, and it happens a fair bit at fakeologist dot com: people who will spend literally hours talking about the perils of the world, in the next sentence then encouraging other people to have children. Bizarre stuff.

    In saying that, I’ve probably been guilty of suggesting couples should have kids (or asking questions of young parents such as, ‘when are you having more?’) and in retrospect I can see that even though I meant well, realistically, it could be uncomfortable for some people, and it is really none of my business. I’ll try to be more mindful of that in the future.

    My favourite moment of the call was when several people started saying ‘its true’, genuinely lolworthy stuff. Rick was a good sport about it as well. I’d say the fakeologist community is in better shape now than at any point in the five or six years I’ve known of it. Well done to all involved in rebuilding the server and huge kudos to those chipping in some $$$ to encourage Ab to put more of his own time into the operation.



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