What Titanic event will bring in internet regulation?

likes this

Smj brought this link..and it’s full of gold.

Who knew amateur telegraph operators were buggering up the Titanic transcription service?

Likely a lie, it brought in a 0;hesitant” Congress to regulate the air waves thanks to the great work of Sarnoff.

Myths create laws and grow government.

While the sinking of the Titanic showcased radio’s potential value as a life-saving technology, it also raised questions about the need to control its use. The lack of clear guidelines concerning shipboard wireless equipment and interference from amateur operators had hindered rescue efforts and cost lives.

Congress, which had previously hesitated to regulate the airwaves, seized upon the disaster to pass the Radio Act of 1912. This law divided the electromagnetic spectrum between amateur, government, and commercial users and mandated that all American operators, even experienced ones like David Sarnoff, had to be licensed. To accommodate the demand for trained wireless experts, the Marconi Company recruited Sarnoff to act as an instructor at a newly organized technical institute


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8 thoughts on “What Titanic event will bring in internet regulation?

  1. RezMuttJeff

    Miles Mathis recently wrote a paper on Howard Hughes, highlighting his involvement with RKO and space and aeronautical fakery. Hercules H-4, AIM-4 Falcon, Galileo Probe. All pretty laughable projects in retrospect.

  2. napoleon

    pop this here as the livechat has started on the flat earth
    this is for the brainy ones
    would the shape of the earth affect this hypothesis results

    The Eddington experiment was an observational test of General Relativity, organised by the British astronomers Frank Watson Dyson and Arthur Stanley Eddington in 1919. The observations were of the total solar eclipse of 29 May 1919 and were carried out by two expeditions, one to the West African island of Príncipe, and the other to the Brazilian town of Sobral. The aim of the expeditions was to measure the gravitational deflection of starlight passing near the Sun.[1] The value of this deflection had been predicted by Albert Einstein in a 1911 paper, and was one of the tests proposed for his 1915 theory of General Relativity. Following the return of the expeditions, the results were presented by Eddington to the Royal Society of London,[2] and, after some deliberation, were accepted. Widespread newspaper coverage of the results led to worldwide fame for Einstein and his theories.
    also jesuits use generals and as we all know the earht is flat so lets have a think
    also nolan must be familliar with the hustle that is onestone .Georges Lemaîtrehe presented the new idea that the universe is expanding, which he derived from General Relativity. This later became known as Hubble’s law, even though Lemaître was the first to provide an observational estimate of the Hubble constant.[18] The initial state he proposed was taken to be Einstein’s own model of a finitely sized static universe. The paper had little impact because the journal in which it was published was not widely read by astronomers outside Belgium. Arthur Eddington reportedly helped translate the article into English in 1931, but the part of it pertaining to the estimation of the “Hubble constant” was not included in the translation for reasons that remained unknown for a long time.[19][7] This issue was clarified in 2011 by Mario Livio: Lemaître omitted those paragraphs himself when translating the paper for the Royal Astronomical Society, in favour of reports of newer work on the subject, since by that time Hubble’s calculations had already improved on Lemaître’s earlier ones.

  3. napoleon

    back to the regulating images .
    well the cities have been empty so im sure theres fuckery that can be exploited in that respect
    well have to see the queen lay on her back dead with the corgis eating her nose ha ha .
    the titanics sarnoff empire is still going strong Sarnoff was often inaccurately referred to later in his career as the founder of both RCA and NBC, but he was in fact founder of only NBC. Sarnoff was instrumental in building and establishing the AM broadcasting radio business that became the preeminent public radio standard for the majority of the 20th century.

  4. napoleon

    rollos a fucking pleb who should know better than that , the odds on some of the kennedys being killed on camera are subject to fluctuation . somewhere between a billion(basic maths will prove winky dinks arent as they appear) to one until you add the joseph cinema empire and gangsters attached then the odds fall substantially to the point of evens , if you make the news and require said traumatic events first you need to build up said characters enter jfk jr .August 12, 1944 – Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. died when the BQ-8 aircraft he was piloting accidentally exploded over East Suffolk, England. (A BQ-8 was a B-24 Liberator converted into a radio-controlled flying bomb. For more information, see Project Anvil).[9]
    May 13, 1948 – Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy (formally known as Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington) died in a plane crash in France.[4][5][6][10]
    August 9, 1963 – Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died of infant respiratory distress syndrome two days after his premature birth on August 7 in Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts (the 20th anniversary of his father’s rescue after the sinking of PT-109).
    November 22, 1963 – U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was shot dead by Jack Ruby two days later. In 1964, the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin. However, in 1979, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded that the assassination was the result of a conspiracy and that Oswald did not act alone.[11]
    June 5, 1968 – United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on the night of his victory in the California Democratic presidential primary, was shot by Sirhan Sirhan in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles; Kennedy died the following morning.[4][5][6][10]

    LONGINES CHRONOSCOPE WITH FLOYD ODLUM – National Archives and Records Administration 1951-09-10 – ARC Identifier 95699 / Local Identifier LW-LW-8 – TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Eugene Lyons and William Bradford Huie talk with Mr. Odlum, financier and industrialist, on implications of a nuclear powered aircraft and inflation

    can you travel in a circle without friction ?, ha ha ha psience friction


    the doubles work!!! you build something extraordinary then film it doing said task and pop it on t.v.

  5. smj

    Funny shite is trollo types still reckon jack got smoked on the psi symbol in dallas. Shite is insane. Jack’s pa started rko with sarnoff. They sold it to odlum. Odlum was the atlas Corp. guy. Remeber the atlas rockets? Odlum sold out to Howard hughes. Hughes aircraft gives us geostationary satellites andwhatnot. Unhidden truths are the hardest to recognize especially if you’re a gullible ape.


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