Is rise in Type 1 diabetes caused by vaccines?

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Now that my daughter has been given a life sentence, it’s time to find answers.

This study suspects the ticking time bomb that is vaccines.

Now that we live in vaccine world, it’s time everyone get educated and make the right decision.

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2 thoughts on “Is rise in Type 1 diabetes caused by vaccines?

  1. smj

    Problem is prion research is as hoaxy as virus research……

    “ Pruisner’s experiments on prion infection have been criticized[12] as “dubious” and “having no proper controls.” in 1998 Kings College, London immunologist Alan Ebringer stated, “The Prion Research-workers do something that is not allowed. They inject brain tissue homogenates into experimental animals, and when neurological symptoms appear they say they have transmitted BSE. However, the have done nothing of the sort, because what they are doing is producing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE). I think all prion experiments involve production of EAE and not transmission of BSE.”[13] In 2007, Yale University neuropathologist Laura Manuelidis challenged Pruisner’s prion protein (PrP) explanation for BSE disease, reporting she and her colleagues had found a virus-like particle in naturally and experimentally infected animals and that PrP had not satisfied Koch’s postulates. “The high infectivity of comparable, isolated virus-like particles that show no intrinsic PrP by antibody labeling, combined with their loss of infectivity when nucleic acid–protein complexes are disrupted, make it likely that these 25-nm particles are the causal TSE virions”.[14]

    Pruisner profited handsomely in royalties from his BSE tests and even promoted it for screening the human transfusion blood supply, stating “One may suspect that I propagate the thorough CDI test [his quick test] in my own interests.”[15] As Pruisner’s experiments had only established prions correlated with the 1986 Great Britain BSE epidemic, the widespread embrace of his work may have stemmed from a political decision to shield the British government from liability regarding another potential cause of BSE diseases suggested by neuroscientist Stephen Whatley.[16] In 1985, the British parliament passed a law forcing farmers to apply phosmet to the necks of their cattle. Phosmet was an insecticide used against warbel flies. Whatley’s research showed this toxic insecticide could trigger BSE like diseases.[17] When the law was repealed in 1993, there was a drastic reduction in BSE cases. At that point, mandated prion screening had become a lucrative industry for politically connected test-makers, exports of beef had plummeted, farmers had lost their livelihood, and thousands of animals had been slaughtered.“…

    …pruisner was a berkeley feck of course.


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