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A Dr. you should listen to

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If the reprehensible “body” governing and muzzling doctors for using their God given brains to sort lies from truth is threatening a doctor, then they’re worth listening to.

I’ve read her tweets for a while, and she tells nothing but the truth.

Support her!

The regulatory body for doctors in Ontario has issued three separate cautions to a pediatrician following a series of complaints about her tweets on COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Source: Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons cautions doctor after complaints about COVID-19 tweets | CBC News

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Dogs prevent elephants

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An analogy worth noting.

But skepticism aside, there is an abundance of evidence that dogs prevent elephants.After all, most farms have dogs and pretty close to zero farms have elephants.


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Blatant collusion and conflict of interest by Toronto medical health officer

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Disgusting and out in the open.

Hey folks, you may have seen this already, but am sharing everywhere I can… I took some time to follow-up on Rebel’s Ezra Lavant’s Tweet on de Villa’s husband, and here is what I found. It was a vague post stating the deVilla’s husband (Toronto’s Medical Officer) has financial ties to pharma so I dug a little deeper…

Mrs. de Villa is married to Richard Choi. And who is Richard Choi… welllllll, Richard Choi is a cardiologist at St Joseph’s and a Lecturer at the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Cute… a couple in the same professional capacity.

Here’s where things go off the rails for these two… Mr. Choi has… dun dun dun… TIES TO BIG PHARMA. I know, you must ALL be shocked, right?
Here is the proof (PDF has been safely downloaded for future reference): cardiovascupdate.ca/…/CV Update Symposium… – scroll to page 5 where it notes Dr. Choi receives research funding from ASTRAZENECA and Pfizer (and others as you will see in the PDF).

You must be asking yourself, “what’s the big deal, so Toronto’s Medical Officer’s husband works in medicine and LIKE MOST OF THEM has a direct tie to pharma…” …this is why… on Monday, March 1st it was announced that ASTRAZENECA was approved to deliver 2 MILLION vaccine doses to Canada. Read more, news.yahoo.com/exclusive-six-w…

Not done yet… Mrs. de Villa has studied Human Rights (I know, this may seem bizarre considering her appetite for violating them). And now I see why… read this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eileen_d…

You’ll need to get past the brilliant plan of SOLVING an opioid crisis with providing SAFER DRUGS (yes, that is the plan for curing the drug overdose crisis – not treatment, a better, cleaner supply) to get to this little nugget:
“Under her leadership, Toronto Public Health has worked to combat misinformation around vaccine safety and has advocated for advertisers and social media platforms to clamp down on misleading anti-vaccination information.[8] *She was also behind the call to ban vaccine exemptions because of religious or philosophical beliefs, though the government would still allow medical exemptions.* [8][9] Toronto has seen a steady rise of such exemptions and are working to proactively prevent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases.”.

This is NOT JUST A CONFLICT OF INTEREST, THIS IS COLLUSION – and everyone of us is being played.

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