Electronic Auschwitz in Israel right now

like this

Insane that this is happening in the place you would least expect it. Now you know why Jews worldwide did not want to go to Israel during ’s reign.

Podcast: No Agenda
Episode: 1326: 0;Freedom Bracelet”
Position: 01:17:17
Link: podcastaddict.com/episode/1199…

Also watch

www.bitchute.com/video/2EIBqpT… via bitslide

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2 thoughts on “Electronic Auschwitz in Israel right now

  1. peetiro

    I found this discussion between David Icke and Israeli truther, Shai Dannon to be a real eye-opener. It’s crazy what’s going on in Israel, and unfortunately, it looks like its the beta test for every other country going along with the scamdemic.

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