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  1. John le Bon

    I listened to this recently, and agree with Rick that this is some of the best radio / podcast you could hope to listen to. Especially the part about Sausage Software, Steve Outtrim, Jan Irvin, and so forth, it was good stuff. Lots of interesting information and perspectives, and well spoken, with little interruption from Lord Trollo.

    The only thing I would point out is that those of us who say war is a hoax, are not saying that nobody dies in what is claimed to be war. People are sent away to faraway lands under the pretense of ‘war’, some of them come back injured, some of them never come back. But this does not mean they were fighting in a real war.

    People get hurt and sometimes even die in strategic relocation and demolition. Also, when people are away from home for a long time, it doesn’t matter what they’re meant to be doing, sometimes they get up to all kinds of mischief, and can come a cropper. Are these guys going to come back and say ‘I lost my leg in a drink driving accident’? Probably not. More likely they will allow others to believe they lost it in a firefight with Charlie.

    Anyway, cheers for the show. Keep up the good work.

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