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Canada’s sort of VAERs

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Not as detailed as the CDC’s.

Source: COVID-19 vaccine safety: Weekly report on adverse effects following immunization – Canada.ca



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FAK268-Uncle Odd, Amandha Vollmer, Ab

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Amandha Vollmer joins us for a chat.


We shall not be censored. yumnaturals.store

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Covaids cull:rocket graph

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I can’t prove these numbers, but I wouldn’t risk sticking myself with anything for any reason if I was asymptomatic/healthy.

I found this graph posted by athirdwhy on the Librti Timeline. This Graph says it all, folks. This is a mass cull going on right under the eyes of the Sheeple. Time to Wake Up!


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Crabs in a bucket

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The crabs in a bucket analogy is how all communal situations turn their members into enforcers.

Now two big buildings won’t get their mail due to some naked facers. Do you want to be blamed for making a senior travel hours to get her covaids check?

This tyrants are devious.

“Within the areas of the buildings delivery employees must access to deliver mail, some individuals are not wearing masks,” Valérie Chartrand, spokesperson for Canada Post, said in an email on Sunday.


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33 is hoax code

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All the numbers are completely simulated.

With everyone in the world under the spell, it should be easier than ever to see.

We have a pandemic of 33s.

H/t Jan Erik

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Did Kubrick Direct The 9 11 Psyop?

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Great article and breakdown by IPS.

Did Kubrick Direct The 9 11 Psyop? 2/28/21, Infinite Plane Radio

2021-03-01 by Infinite Plane Radio

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1198…
Episode: anchor.fm/s/37ea61a4/podcast/p…

Did Kubrick Direct The 9 11 Psyop? 2/28/21, Infinite Plane Radio Article discussed www.chartword.com/2015/02/stan…

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All the vax damage that’s fit to print

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Bookmark this site to read the (bad) jab news.

VAERS data is accessible by downloading raw data in comma-separated value (CSV) files for import into a database, spreadsheet, or text editing program, or by using the CDC WONDER online search tool. Information provided to VAERS which identifies a person who received the vaccine or vaccines will not be made available to the public. De-identified VAERS data are available 4-6 weeks after the report is received. VAERS data change as new reports are received, so your results may change if you repeat the same se

Source: VAERS – Data

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