Gary Null explains the AIDS monolith

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Covaids is 2.0.

Fascinsting monologue half way through where Gary explains how was monolithed by Fauci so it could be treated by the world’s most toxic drug, AZT.

Will the Covaids quaxxines work the same way to 0;treat” its “infected?”

The Gary Null Show – 03.02.21


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the covi-19 pandemic and legal questions against its orchestrators. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German-American attorney and the founding chairman of the Investigative Corona Committee that is proceeding with class action lawsuits against some of the architects of the coronavirus panic. In the past Dr. Fuellmich was a faculty member o the Georg August University in Gottingen where he received his … Read More The post The Gary Null Show – 03.02.21 appeared first on Progressive Radio Network.

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