Quaxxines: the golden goose that keeps laying eggs

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People don’t know their history, don’t want to know their history, can’t be told their history, which is why the same tricks work generation after generation.

Not only do drugmakers make huge profits
from vaccines, but they continue to profit
from the illnesses vaccines cause.
If vaccines weren’t harmful to health,
why would pharmaceutical companies be
exempt from liability?
This goose has been laying a golden egg
for more than a century, at an indescribable toll in human suffering. Now they want to make vaccinations – not one but regular shots –
a condition for participation in society and freedom. And the new vaccines may trigger a fatal over-response on exposure to a virus.

Vaccines – The Second Oldest Profession www.henrymakow.com/

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1 thought on “Quaxxines: the golden goose that keeps laying eggs

  1. barbm124

    you know what’s funny? The German Biontech company which produces the Pfizer vaccine has its main address on the Goldgrube 12 in Mainz. Goldgrube means gold mine, which it really is. It’s actually a pretty small office building for a company who makes billions of EURs per year. Billions.
    They give “fast tests” now often for free here, which means the taxpayer pays for it. That way they added a new product to the scam. It’s not even the producers of the masks and whatever who get really rich because there are already claims of some companies who delivered the masks and didn’t get paid for it yet. It’s a huge money laundering scam, nothing else. The state buys all this useless products, pays with tax money for it and then the state tries to sell it back to the citizens using all kinds of regulations and laws.


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