4 thoughts on “What’s in your quaxxine?

  1. barbm124

    in the past they had to use some biological material to pretend they use somehow “disabled viruses” to cause so called immune reaction after the vaccination. So they used some creepy stuff, usually based on cancer cells because this are the cells they can cultivate in the lab for a few days. Other cells, like over 90% of all cells die so fast they cannot even take a picture. So they use this cancer cells which they have to feed with so called fetal calf serum to keep them alive for a day or two and which is even more creepy because to get this they have to open a pregnant cow alive, then open the unborn calf in there also alive and then pump up the blood directly from the heart of this unborn calf. This is voodoo in its cruelest form. You don’t believe me, google it. They then kill this cancer cells either by not feeding it with this calf serum anymore or by antibiotics, which was invented by John Franklin Enders, declare this rotting substance as viral and use it for vaccines. But this hardly works as expected so they put some real poison in there they declare as adjuvant or effective enhancer and which actually is what forces the body to deal with the poison, produce all kinds of proteins which they then can test for and then they say the vaccine works. They never ever tested any vaccine if it really prevents from getting sick.
    Now they don’t make it so complicated. They claim to use what they call mRNA stuff to make the cells produce the virus genome they pretend to fight. But it’s SciFi. It only saves them from expensive dealing with cancer cells. This fetal calf serum is very expensive and people already started to talk about it. The same thing in it is still, they have to put the real poison in there to cause the “immune reaction”. The point is, if they would inject the vaccine into a vain, which even occasionally happens, the poison is so heavy it would kill a horse. That happens occasionally and they call it anaphylaxis then and it depends on how much of the vaccine got into the bloodstream and it either leads to severe harm or even kills the patient. Some people die immediately after the vaccination and they never ever sued the doctors for it.

      1. barbm124

        the point is, they need something which contains all possible proteins, enzymes and such to keep the extracted cells alive for a bit and regular blood contains only what the body at the time needs. When you google “calf fetal serum” you’ll get all kind of companies selling this stuff and also some articles about some scandals with punched serum. It has to be extracted from living unborn fetal or it won’t work for the cells. It is also the basis of the entire so called stem cells science. They make it look complicated but it’s all about basic bio chemistry. The cells cannot live outside the body and only very few kinds of cells survive for a day or two and what they analyze in the lab then is the process of dying. I suppose abortion won’t work as good because of all the stress hormones in the blood then. The fetal has to be opened alive not knowing it will die soon. So to speak.

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