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Read the words

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“Characterized” does not equal “is”. This non equivocation is all the proof you need that no pandemic ever existed.

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Happy hoaxiversary

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The first year is done.

Sad to say, most around the world won’t spend any time figuring this out.

We have. Our tea leaves that are free to read say this reset won’t be done until 2030.

There will be no middle class, no borders, no private property and a removal of wealth never seen before.

A few other blogs like POM understand.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the scamdemic. We’ve come a long way in understanding, here and at Fakeologist and many other sites you’ll find in the blogroll. Here’s just a short list of things I did not understand on 3/11/20 to I have a better grasp of on 3/11/21.

Happy anniversary, inmates! pieceofmindful.com/2021/03/10/…

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FAC856-Ab, Benoit

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Send to your political leader

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Probably whistling in the wind, but worth a try.

Talk to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He understands the game.

In December, his office issued an order to all state labs processing COVID PCR tests. They must now report “the number of cycles” they deploy in every test they perform. [1] [1a]

Roughly speaking, a cycle is a quantum leap which increases the sensitivity of the test. As readily asserted by Anthony Fauci, any test using more than 35 cycles is meaningless. [2] [2a]

—Not only meaningless, but laden with false-positive results. The patient is falsely claimed to be “infected.”

COVID: To Governors who are re-opening your States—how to defeat the attacks against you blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/0…

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