Covaids coup in Tanzania?

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Wonderful post by fellow a Canadian blogger Greencrow.

Meantime…the perpZ proceed apace. Here we have a very disturbing report out of Tanzania…which we understand to be a tiny oasis of sanity on this Technoligarch-benighted Planet. Just two days ago we had a Canadian nurse returning back to Canada from Tanzania where she was volunteering in a hospital. As she made her way through the Canadian Airport gauntlet of insanity…she raised a ruckus defending her fundamental citizen rights–that are clearly written on the inside front page of her Canadian passport. Consequently, she ended up before the Rebel News cameras and spoke highly of her time in Tanzania…where she said that the Tanzanian population was going about its business in a normal atmosphere…no unhealthy, death cult masking, no vaccination terrorizing…de rien!

Now we have this horrific news out of Tanzania…the President has gone missing! Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

Tanzania – The second Covid coup? Is President John Magufuli the of Africa? greencrowasthecrowflies.blogsp…

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