Government paid atrocity propaganda

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Dr Trozzi didn’t see this at his hospitals.

It only exists at a film studio.

When arguing with the zombies about masks, realise what you’re up against.

You can’t win against total spectrum dominance.

You don’t have the budget.

H/t Mrs. Fakeologist

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1 thought on “Government paid atrocity propaganda

  1. xileffilex

    Yes, disgusting propaganda. And there’s more…we’re up against these staged “anti-masking”** media events which spread round the world…

    As picked up by the Guardian in the UK and other outlets and tweeted by that clown Richard Dawkins to his brainwashed cult followers.
    Dawkins was also pushing the selfish [don’t kill granny] line back in September. A key gatekeeper for the hoax…

    ** with additional scripted racism overtones. Win Win.


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