Brandolini’s law

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This is why I only write a few lines when refuting the bs.

Brandolini’s law, also known as the bullshit asymmetry principle, is an internet adage which emphasizes the difficulty of debunking false, facetious, or otherwise misleading information: 0;The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it.”…

H/t Topochico

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1 thought on “Brandolini’s law

  1. ricky

    I like that term, never heard it before. If the equation was only that simple, usually the misinformation is supported by a mountain of previous bullshit that extends back to infancy. Try telling a normie the “Mars mission” is complete fiction, I’ve been “learning” about “space exploration” since the launch of “Sputnik” when I was four. That’s quite a pile to contend with.


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