FAC859-Rick and Rollo

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Three RIPS to discuss.

With Farcevalue, Uncle Odd, JLB

farcevalue — Yesterday at 6:56 AM
www.aspeninstitute.org/wp-cont… Evidence of foreknowledge…
John le Bon — Yesterday at 8:51 AM

John le Bon
Bitcoin’s Tether Problem Explained – Crash Inevitable?

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5 thoughts on “FAC859-Rick and Rollo

  1. RezMuttJeff

    Interesting exchange on the subject of war in the chat between JLB, Rick and FarceValue. I know a guy who’s been friends with my brother since they played pee-wee football together and he’s been active duty in the Marines for the last 10 years, currently in Force Recon which is the Marines special forces. Some of the things he has told us honestly jive a lot with the fakeologist/war hoax perspective of what war actually is as oppose to how it’s popularly perceived and he’s been reprimanded for speaking frankly on the subject before on social media or when he emails us from oversees.

    1. napoleon

      the word hoax always annoyed me anyway dino hoax is massive, the effort thats gone in to that particular scam is immense mass dilusion fits aswell, but war hoax too id say seeiing as we all agree its not what is or was portraid in movies or even recognised history everyones on the same page , does your friend point out anything really interesting , like i say im on the same page just stuck on that word …..hoax

      1. RezMuttJeff

        One thing that I think we can all agree on here is that the one world system is and has been in place for some time which includes all the nation states militaries, and a Facebook post my friend got in big trouble for pretty much confirmed that. This guy hunted since he could hold a rifle, excellent marksman, so when he qualified for Force Recon they sent him to the Army Ranger sniper school (Even though he’s in the Marines, the Army oversees all these specialist schools for all branches). He got deployed to Afghanistan and then went back to Germany for a while before being attached to a NATO unit that was sent to Angola to teach their military how to shoot basically. He said in a post that there were guys from Germany, UK etc. but that there were also Chinese and Russian special forces there doing the exact same thing as he was with the Angolan military. Big no-no apparently as he got in a lot of trouble for that post and had to take it down, you can’t have people not believing in the boogeyman that lives in these “enemy” nations.

  2. John le Bon

    Thanks as always to Ab for making these audiochats possible.

    I clipped the bitcoin segment and reuploaded it as a JLB Chats episode.


    The last time I did this (for a call with Rollo) it garnered over 100 downloads on Podbean.

    Not huge numbers, but definitely worth the reupload if it means another 100 people or so around the world get some insight and/or entertainment out of the chat.



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